Sheila Wright, LMFT
Psychotherapy for adults,
    teens, children and families 

Welcome                                       (offices in Santa Cruz and Monterey)                                        831-251-0408

Thank you for visiting. It takes courage to make the first call to find counseling services for yourself or a loved one. For this reason, creating a safe place to explore what brings you or your loved one in is my highest priority. My approach is inclusive, curious and supportive. I help adults, teens, children and families discover new ways to engage with familiar challenges; whether that is deepening relational ties; facing a crisis due to PTSD from military service or life events; trying to manage impulsive teens; helping parents negotiate the IEP process for their child, or a concern with mental health or addiction, I understand and I can help. 

Part of the work in providing therapy is to create that safe space, and the other is to learn about you. Hopefully it will feel like you can openly talk about your concerns.  I realize it's not easy to ask a stranger for help, whether it's relationship difficulties with a partner, to moods, anxieties and worries that keep you up late, to concerns about the children, employment, money, endless challenges with technology or something from the past -- such as the trauma arising from military service or childhood abuse -- that won't let go.  At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself: Am I so overworked, so overwhelmed or just so tired that my, or my loved one's, quality of life is being impacted? Maybe you will have to let go of the family story, that "we don't need help;" or the worry of judgment from your peers. The nice surprise is, once you begin to unpack your dilemmas, you start to see things differently. You discover inner resources and growing strength. You may find it easier to breathe, to sleep, and to relax.

Additionally, there are many reasons a child or teen might become anxious or overwhelmed or choose to withdraw from others or over-react to others.  For children, the complexity of life can quickly become overwhelming, as they do not have the coping skills or maturity that adults can enjoy. Between elementary and high school education, sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, church, social media, parent-child relationships, food and body image problems . . . all of it, it can be too much at times.

But the good news is humans are capable of great change and adaptation. Resilience can be expanded so things don't hit as hard or push down as long. Therapy and counseling can have very positive effects and it is generally because the client is so very capable of growing!  My role is to encourage you or your loved one to find the path that works to create positive change in your lives.  

So whatever is bringing you in, I want to support you to find the change, adaptations or skills to help improve your life or the lives of your loved ones. 

And remember, I offer an initial telephone consultation without charge. I look forward to speaking with you.

Thank you once again.

Sheila Wright

Following is a partial list of issues I work with:

Areas of Support Contact: 831-251-0408
• Trauma /PTSD/Veterans Adoption/relative placement
• Grief and loss • Attachment
• Anxiety, fears • Depression
• Infant/toddler therapy • ADHD, school issues
Obsessions, compulsions • Picking and pulling
• Childhood abuse • Parent support
• Illness • Emotional dysregulation
Sexual Abuse • Addictions
• Life Transitions • Relationships
• LGBT Ally • Multicultural

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